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New book! 50 movies to start your discovery of Old Hollywood

Deals for classic movie fans on Amazon Prime Day

In between kitchen gadgets and electronic devices, a few deals lurk for classic movie fans during Amazon’s Prime Day sale July 11-12, 2023. 

Here’s a quick round-up of DVDs, books and more that are on deep discount if you need to round out your collection!

[Note: Post will be updated throughout the day]

'Godfather' trilogy

$29.99 (38% discount)

The 50th anniversary box set of all three movies

Audrey Hepburn DVD collection

$13.99 (39% discount)

Movies in the box set include all the favorites: "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Funny Face," "My Fair Lady," "Roman Holiday," "Sabrina," "Paris When It Sizzles," and "War and Peace."

Abbott & Costello: Universal Pictures Collection

$34.99 (65% discount)

All 28 films produced during the height of their popularity at Universal Pictures are here in one DVD collection

John Wayne's Western DVDs

$25.99 (32% discount)

Fourteen of John Wayne's Western classics are included: "El Dorado," "Big Jake," "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," "Donovan's Reef," "The Sons of Katie Elder," "Hatari!," "Hondo," "The High and the Mighty," "In Harm's Way," "Island in the Sky," "McLintock!," "Rio Lobo," "The Shootist" and "True Grit"

Hitchcock box set

$34.99 (50% discount)

Not his mega-hits, but if you're looking to round out your collection of Alfred Hitchcock, you can't go wrong with these included: "Saboteur," "Shadow of a Doubt," "The Trouble with Harry," "Marnie," and "Family Plot"

The Three Stooges: The Complete DVD Collection

$26.49 (60% discount)

A box set of all the Three Stooges shorts from the Columbia Pictures years, 1934-1959, remastered and presented in original release order. 

Other deals on classic movies

"Queen Christina" with Greta Garbo, John Gilbert

“One Way Passage” with William Powell, Kay Francis

“Storm Warning” with Ginger Rogers, Ronald Reagan

“Some Came Running” with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine

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