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New book! 50 movies to start your discovery of Old Hollywood

Book now available: Silent comedy icon Harold Lloyd's autobiography

New book available: "An American Comedy — Harold Lloyd's Autobiography: A reissue of the original 1928 edition" — order your paperback copy at Amazon Perhaps no other comedian has ever been so of his time as Harold Lloyd.  The silent comedy star of such hits as “Safety Last!” “Why Worry?” “Grandma’s Boy” and “The Freshman” both reflected the 1920s youthful and optimistic spirit of the era as well as drove part of that pop culture himself. Harold Lloyd's gumption-filled loveable bespeckled everyman character (sometimes called “The Glasses” character, “The Boy” or simply “Harold”) starred in a string of box office hit feature-length films known for their daredevil stunts as well as the comedy.  More: Watch the full movie (free!) of 1923's classic "Safety Last!" The 1928 autobiography “An American Comedy” traces Harold Lloyd’s early childhood through his stardom and is an interesting snapshot of Lloyd's career and Hollywood in the historic time. By 19