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New book! 50 movies to start your discovery of Old Hollywood

Film festivals to celebrate the love of old movies: 2024 calendar list

Classic movie lovers have a slate of film festival options in 2024, for everyone from film noir fans to silent film enthusiasts.  Below is a list of famous (and perhaps not-so-famous) film festivals celebrating classic movies along with announced or tentative dates for 2024, in rough chronological order: 

'The Crowd' (1928): Full movie now available for free

"The Crowd" is a 1928 silent movie nominated for the very first best picture Academy Award as "Unique and Artistic Achievement" and is considered today one of the best silent films in history. "The Crowd" was directed by King Vidor and stars James Murray, Eleanor Boardman and Bert Roach. IMDB plot summary: The life of a man and woman together in a large, impersonal metropolis through their hopes, struggles, and downfalls. Watch the full silent movie "The Crowd" (for free!) now at Youtube *** Follow @ReelOldMovies for the latest classic movie news. On: Instagram  |  Mastodon  |  YouTube  |  Google News x