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New book! 50 movies to start your discovery of Old Hollywood

About us

Old movies are timeless. Discover and rediscover classic movies and hidden gems from the early days of cinema through the golden age of Hollywood. 

This site follows news and conversations about classic movies as well as archive materials for new audiences. We also produce lists of "must-see classic movies" around a variety of topics and genres, for newbies and connoisseurs alike. 

Topics covered

The topics the site covers include: 
  • Movies such as "It’s a Wonderful Life," "The Searchers," "King Kong," "Cleopatra," "Casablanca," "Nosferatu" and more 
  • Comedies from such icons as Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd 
  • Silent film actresses such as Theda Bara, Gloria Swanson, Clara Bow and Greta Garbo 
  • Big name Golden Age actors such as Clark Gable, James Stewart and John Wayne 
  • Iconic 1930s and 1940s actresses such as Ingrid Bergman, Claudette Colbert, Jean Arthur and Carole Lombard 
  • Genres of movies such as classic horror movies, early Disney movies, screwball comedies, "lost films," Oscar winners and more 
  • Movie theater showings and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) news 


Launched in 2022, the site includes all material original to Reel Old Movies. The purpose of the site is to be a central hub of movie trivia, knowledge, conversation and thought around classic movies. We've been lifelong classic movie fans, and this site provides a personal creative outlet. Separately in our professional life, we've written for Turner Classic Movies (TCM), produced entertainment news and content for large news sites and launched sites around a variety of topics. This site and related content reflects our own views and not any past, present or future employers' views. 

Books and more

When we're not producing the site, we're writing and compiling books on early Hollywood history and movie posters. Here are a few: